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    Liberty Action

    What is your liberty action? I’m starting a group at my school in the fall about girls who take liberty actions! Liberty means freedom. On the fourth of July we celebrate…


    When They Ask

    When people ask me how I do things or get things, I say “I just opened my eyes”. I just look what’s around and see what’s there.…


    My Old School

    At my old school I was very little. Once we had a charity drive for the poorer kids and my mom donated a pair of my shoes. They were pink and…



    Collaboration can be hard because sometimes I have my own ideas about things. In these times I resist what others are saying but I’m trying to learn how to listen more.…


    I wish

    I love writing letters.  Old school style, with a pen and pretty paper.  Can’t we all just un-plug for a minute?  A long time ago, people wrote books long-hand…  I like…