I wish

I love writing letters.  Old school style, with a pen and pretty paper.  Can’t we all just un-plug for a minute?  A long time ago, people wrote books long-hand…  I like the way books smell when they’re new.  Also when they’re old and dusty, like on my aunt’s bookshelf.  She has lots of cool books from a long, long time ago.  But the stories are still really good.  I sometimes imagine I am the girl in the stories.  That it’s me who has the adventures and precious jewels.  Really, I’m just okay, just average in many ways.  I have a little brother who bothers me, and an older sister who I have to share a room with.  Sometimes I don’t like her because she can be really mean to me.  My parents work hard, and they are too tired to read all the books I want them to.  So, they don’t understand me all the way, total.  Sometimes I wish I had a friend who knew about all the stories I know.  We could talk about them, and imagine a whole other life together.  I believe I have a good imagination.  I would like to know how to make all the things I imagine come true.

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