Liberty Action

What is your liberty action? I’m starting a group at my school in the fall about girls who take liberty actions! Liberty means freedom. On the fourth of July we celebrate the freedom of our country, the USA, but in my heart I still think there’s a lot of freedom left to do. For example, I read a lot of books, but in some countries girls aren’t allowed to read books at all or go to school, only boys are. This is not balance, nor fair. In our own country, girls are still not free in some ways, for example. My mommy told me women make less money to do the same job as men. I don’t know if this is true because I don’t know that much about America, but if it is true it’s not fair. One thing I can say about America that I do know is that we have too many hungry people. I see them in my neighborhood, and I feel sick inside when I do out of being sorry. It must be terrible to be hungry. This is not a liberty. But we are supposed to be the land of liberty. I want to help hungry people in Los Angeles! This is my liberty action.


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