People Are Like Animals

What animal are you? If you just answer by instinct and don’t think about it at all, you’ll know automatically. Everyone knows their animal- it’s like, written in your soul. I, for example, am a lion. And my secondary animal is a goat. A lion because lions like to lay on a rock in the hot sun with their mane spread out and doze to the sound of flies and snakes and wind over the plains. A goat because if you try to pull me one way I’ll back up and go the other way, resisting you. The only way I’ll follow you is if you trot ahead of me and make it look fun. Then I will skip behind you. This is because I am a leader; it has to be my idea to go in a direction. My friend Lyle is a deer. He is a beautiful, magestic stag. Lately he has been going through some hard times. His grandfather died, and he moved to a different town where there is country music and rain. Still, even though his face looks sad, he moves gracefully with his antlers held high and strong. This is the definition of beauty and a deer who is proud and feeling the seasons change in the rain and cooler tones.


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