My New Friend Chris

Right now I am writing with an orange pen, and drinking Kombucha juice of the same color- faded orange Tang. This in honor of my new friend Chris. He is new to my school, Beachwood Charter. Chris is from another town and very tall and skinny and lanky, and nervous. He has two tattoos- one on each wrist- and a very short hair like he is in the army. He wore an orange tee shirt and was very shy and nervous. In fact, right now there are three little birds in the tree outside my window, and even in the heat they are still very nervous. Like if you clapped your hands they would fly away. This is like Chris. He is like a bird. A nervous but good-hearted bird from another town. Wanting friends. Wanting to do good in his life. He came over for math homework help. I am very good at geometry. But he ended up playing me his songs on my computer- he had a CD with him. They were all piano, and he sang the lyrics right next to me, and was not nervous while he sang. The songs were so pretty and made me want to cry. He took his CD and went home. He told me not to tell anyone about his LP. He told me he knew he had a good voice. He deleted his songs from my computer because he said he didn’t know me well enough, yet. To trust me with them.

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