When Michael Phelps came in 4th, at first I felt poorly. I wanted him to win, and… be better than anyone. It’s kind of like wanting a horse to win the Triple Crown only it’s a person- like you. I wanted him to win because… then maybe I could do it. But then I heard his coach talk about how he grew as a person. Like, Phelps became a better person. I really thought about that- the price for that. Maybe you have to go through some suffering, or, like, heartbreak. When you are a real person and not a gold medalist. In my life I strive to be a gold medalist but it’s hard to be a real person- like, to let others see you. It’s scary. What if people don’t like me! It’s a risk to be seen but with your good friends it is safe to reveal your true nature but it is still tender and kind of nervous-feeling but good.

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