One Lone Cat

Oh, there is the cutest, most magical cat named Jack! He is just a three month old kitten, and he is a very pretty light tan color- like the color of a mouse. His stomach is spotted like a leopard, and it’s all taught when he stretches and puts his claws out. Oh, he is so beautiful and nice. He is a stray, but very mellow. He likes the rain, and to dream. I am begging my mommy for him, but she says, “How will we get him home from the Midwest”? Oh my gosh, there has to be a way. I love him so much. And, how would you like to be a stray across the fields and rain? In California, he will look out the window, and see the oceans and sunsets, and wonder what happened, and wonder how he got there. My heart is full.

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