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    Hot Sauce

    I love it. I love it on everything. My mother says it ruins the flavor palette. For me, it is the flavor palette. My favorite flavor– hot. There are five kinds…


    Hazy Days

    In New York the colors are different; muted pinks and purples and grays- they carry the moisture and stillness and history of New York summers. There is a stayed quality, like…


    One Lone Cat

    Oh, there is the cutest, most magical cat named Jack! He is just a three month old kitten, and he is a very pretty light tan color- like the color of…


    Artistic Natures

    When I am writing a song I go to another dimension- it’s like I get out of the way and the song just comes through me- like it flows out of…


    Crying in Colorado

    I read abut the shooting in Colorado  and it made me very sad. I mean, people just went to see a movie. They never thought, even for a minute, that someone…