solstice lilies

Last night was the Winter Solstice in Los Angeles. At 9:33 p.m. Some girls from Beachwood Charter and our moms went to a special holiday celebration. My old teacher Miss Sara sang the Hanukkah prayers her grandmother taught her, and then we all sang “Joy to the World” together. A girl named Miranda led the song, and her voice was just like what I would imagine an angel voice to be like. I want to be just like her. Her skin is bright and blurry, like the moon. A lady played Chopin and it made me very sad and wistful. There were real cupcakes and vegan cupcakes. This one man fed grapes to his Chihuahua. I felt he should keep his dog on the floor and not on the table. But Star thought it was funny. She told me to “chillax,” so I let it go. At 9:33 Eco passed out votive candles to all the girls and we turned off the lights, even the Christmas lights, and lit them and held them up.

The Winter Solstice is about light. It’s the longest night of the year, and now little by little each day has more light. It made me think if you are sad or blue and just wait little by little, more light will come again and you will feel a happy feeling. This is what hope is. For the last song of the night, everyone got on stage and sang “Helpless.” It was very beautiful and enchanting. A girl named Lily played her violin. At the end we all got lilies. Mine is fushia and this is the sign and the color of waiting and light.

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