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  • ECO GODDESS Girl Trip Girls


    My mommy got four beautiful baby chickens so we could have fresh eggs and live sustainably. The chickens are all girls, and they live in a special coop made of beechwood.…

  • ECO GODDESS Girl Trip Girls

    My Pretty City

    Mussels stuck to cave walls in the periwinkle beach light. Surfing and the sun turns orange against the waves. Laughing with my friends on the cold sand. A potato chip wrapper…


    solstice lilies

    Last night was the Winter Solstice in Los Angeles. At 9:33 p.m. Some girls from Beachwood Charter and our moms went to a special holiday celebration. My old teacher Miss Sara…


    What a Dumb Song

    Eco made me write this dumb song but I have to admit we laughed pretty hard. My little dog is on a peace mission. He’s a Chihuahua and never snaps. He meets…