Petrified Forest

On this trip we had a councilor named Ticker. She had blonde hair and no make-up. She seemed really big to me- not fat but kind of large. She seemed not nice on the outside but nice on the inside- like, I could kind of tell that- like she was a coconut with a watery heart.

On the trip Ticker said I could go off on my own in the Petrified Forest as long as she could still see me. So I tried to make my timing right. So she could still see me.

The Petrified Forest is not really a forest anymore but big logs lying in the middle of the desert. The logs have a lot of space around them and they are so beautiful. You would never know it from far away but up close they look like beautiful quartz rocks, rain-bowed and streaked with color. And they are hot and smooth like Conch shells.

I sat on one of the logs while the other girls ran and played. I wondered what it would be like to be popular. But they didn’t get to see the logs up close and feel how strong and magical they were. They just took pictures of each other. When school starts I’d like to show Star Athlete my pictures. She seems nice and funny. But sometimes very loud!! Even though I don’t tell jokes I laugh at other peoples’ jokes.

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