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Summer Camp


    Petrified Forest

    On this trip we had a councilor named Ticker. She had blonde hair and no make-up. She seemed really big to me- not fat but kind of large. She seemed not…


    Why I Like the Quiet

    I like the quiet because I can be near me and think. I can hear the leaves and wind. I can close my eyes and feel the wind against my eyelashes.…


    My (not) Day in Moab

    Moab was awful; I hated it. It was hot and awful and everything was red and rocky- like ABLAZE. There was no shade anywhere. I mean anywhere. I don’t know why…


    A Good Vibe in Durango

    In the morning we woke up in Moab and it was still dark outside. It was finally cooler but still summer, and Ticker said get up and we packed our things…