A Good Vibe in Durango

In the morning we woke up in Moab and it was still dark outside. It was finally cooler but still summer, and Ticker said get up and we packed our things so sleepy and got on the bus and Ticker said do an idiot check and that means see if you left anything behind in the cabin and I looked but not that hard and curled up in the bus with my blanket and had a whole seat to myself. The window slid open and I looked at the gray sky and we started moving and the air was cool and I was happy to be out of this place. I ate grape Sweet Tarts and felt the desert sky all gray and the bus exhaust and cool breeze and I felt happy.

When I woke up the scenery had changed and we were driving to Durango. It was so green! So totally green and beautiful and wide open. It was so beautiful and lush with big hills and mountains, and a sign to buy fresh beans (what? Beans?!) and we were so happy in this morning. Star came and sat next to me and we played games and ate candy and it was so green and beautiful I loved it. We both wished we had blueberry pancakes and we tried to pretend our candy was blueberry pancakes. The sun was yellow.

Durango is an awesome town. It has a twang-y vibe that fits my mood and some say it’s a hippie town and some say it’s for snowboarders. Me and Star pal-ed around, and there were some very cool old buildings- like from the old days. Like the railroad days. We stayed in a cool old- fashioned motel from the 1920’s and went on a raftingtrip!!!! It was scary and the water was FREEZING and I couldn’t stop laughing.

The food in Durango is also really good. Some of the older councilors (not Ticker) went to this olive oil store (???) but it was okay because right next door was a candy store with the raddest displays ever. And. My most favorite dinner ever: Blueberry scones and Moroccan lentil soup at Evo café. Omg so good. Serious. Plus our waitress was so nice and pretty. She had a high command of her displays. She made us decaf mocha’s too SO GOOD. Our waitress was so cute but also so smart she had a high command I want to be just like her.

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