Why I Like the Quiet

I like the quiet because I can be near me and think. I can hear the leaves and wind. I can close my eyes and feel the wind against my eyelashes. I like to think about things and how I’d like to have a friend and the conversations we’d have.

On the summer camp trip we stopped at the Aztec Ruins. It was a peaceful place and did not seem dead to me at all. I felt like the people still lived there- their spirits I mean- it was spirit-y. These ruins are about how people had this place that literally meant “a place that people think about”. What these Pueblo people thought about was their emergence. That means like, who they were and how they came to be. They decided they came from the center of everything… It’s hard for me to imagine the center of everything…

I tried to imagine them, the Pueblo People, in the kitchen or playing in the yard. The doors were very low- they must have been very short. Even the mothers. Nothing like my mommy. She is 5’11’’ and very beautiful. I wish she were with me at the Aztec Ruins. We could have just held hands and walk through together- not even saying anything.

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