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An Interview with Paulette Jo

A girl under the name of Paulette Jo, is a 1989-born Mexican graphic designer who has found a way to describe her inner thoughts by drawing and painting.

What inspires you to make so many images so passionately?
Past and new experiences. Everyday, I learn a new thing, meet a new person, discover a new route back home, find an old house in my town, etc. I save all the significant and useful information in my head for future reference.

Paulette J

What is your advice to younger photographers?
Keep true to yourself and never let anyone tell you your work is not worthy. As long as you keep trying and giving your best, you will be able to overcome the adversity.


What are you interested in investigating through your work?
Firstly, I grab all my novels and books. I underline certain lines in them. Quotes that will help me create a vague idea of a new piece. After I have a sketch in my mind or on a piece of paper, I search human anatomy books and plants books. I love to study and understand more of these things — sometimes, I look up books that explain processes and techniques.


What would you consider to be your aesthetic and how does it show itself in your work?
Strange beauties, something simple and natural but somehow it gives off an unbalanced feeling. I think I show it through my work by drawing simple characters and resorting the so complex nature. I always give a try at portraying an enigmatic environment.


Describe your relationship with your work.
We are in a difficult relationship. We argue most of the time, but at the end of the day, we come to an agreement. We sometimes are pleased with each other, and at rare times there might be violence; but that’s ok because we will manage it somehow.




Paulette Jo

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