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An Interview with Aiwei Foo


What inspired you to expand from fine art into fashion design?

After three years in art school, I started to question the function of art in my own practice and working context. That was when I started to expand my discipline towards design in general. I chose to specialize in fashion, mainly because I like fabrics as a tactile material, and sewing as a skill for execution. Sewing is very therapeutic, too.


You work in a number of different mediums, which would you consider yourself to be most passionate about?

I switch between different mediums as I feel one medium cannot fulfill my urgency to express anymore. I guess I am a visual person, but everything is visually-driven, be it an image or an object, or even a piece of text (a mindscape). Perhaps I am a bit sensitive to my surroundings, so I tend to pick up the camera to capture things that intrigue me. It is a form of documentation, instant and almost instinctive. I guess you could say that I am passionate about taking photos, but somehow I feel that this ʻpassionʼ is different from the passion of a photographer.

How do you integrate your art and design approaches? Or are they separate in your experiences of them?

I believe in art as life, life as art, and with a background in design, I would think that these three are inseparable. I donʼt think about how to integrate my art and design. Because I donʼt believe in living a life separate from my works and creativity, they all come together naturally.


Are you working on anything right now that feels like new ground in your body of work?

I feel most comfortable working with objects, visuals, and texts, regardless of medium. Only in recent years have I started to work with music, simply playing by ear. However, I still create my music based on my visualization of how to achieve a good drawing, which is about the line, dot, and its surface. The musical notes have been treated as lines, dots, and surfaces. And last year I started a collaboration with a Finnish musician to explore what I feel is a spontaneous vocal attempt, which is very unfamiliar to my own practice.

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