It’s hard to go to school on rainy days. The floors of the hallways are wet and slippery, and the air is humid and sweaty, and the kids are loud and hyper and slam their lockers loud, and everyone’s jeans and hair are wet, and they rough house out in it. It’s frightening, really. On these days a lot of people eat ice cream bars for breakfast, and everyone’s breath smells like strawberry and vanilla swirl. I do not know why this is a trend. My mom is going through a divorce, and sometimes on rainy days she lets me stay home from school, and we drink hot chocolate and read. And stay in our pajamas. Today I am reading The Great Gatsby, which is so beautiful. It is about impermanence. And goes with these feelings of rain, and my parents’ marriage, and day dreams that seem so powerful, but when it stops raining they feel faded.

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