What I Wish I Knew

What I Wish I Knew: Make Up (Part 3)


Because they think a beautiful, confident woman won’t feel like she needs their products to impress people and therefore won’t buy it. Their favorite word to use is “flaws.” Hide your flaws, cover your flaws, distract from your flaws. Flaws flaws flaws flaws flaws. I’m sorry, but the pimples I had as a teenager and the scar on my eyebrow and the wrinkles around my eyes I’ll get when I grow older are not flaws. That’s all part of being a person, not a flaw, not some sort of abnormality I should be ashamed of. If you don’t like a pimple or a scar or a freckle then cover it, but please, do not give in to the dark thought you’re supposed to hide parts of your face because they’re wrong.

I’m 23 years old and finally confident enough to say that I’m beautiful and I don’t need makeup to make me so. It takes time, but you’ll get there if you make an effort to accept yourself and embrace it. But guess what, I like makeup! I am currently in a phase where I can not get enough cat eye. Bring on that black liner (apparently part of my 13 year old self knew I would always love a black liner, but I had just misplaced it for a number of years). For awhile I only wore a light powder to even out my skin tone and some mascara. My style changes, my interests change and so do my makeup choices.

I know it’s confusing. I know I’ve gone into stores and wondered if I’m supposed to be filling in my eyebrows or if I’m supposed to put mascara on my bottom lashes or if I’m supposed to wear concealer under my eyes. Do I have bags? I didn’t think I have bags? Are bags bad? We do not have to do anything. If you just want big bold badass eyebrows and nothing else (oh…I like that idea, maybe that’s my next thing.) then fill those in and rock the hell out of them! It is ALL UP TO YOU. It is ALL ABOUT YOU. Do your thing and if someone doesn’t like it, they should respect that it isn’t any of their business and appreciate that you are happy presenting yourself whichever way.

So, my dear, sweet makeup monsters, learn from my mistakes. Don’t spend years wondering how you’ll be the “best you” by trying to achieve an ideal and investing in products you may not truly want. Makeup is another manner to express yourself, show your voice and be creative. That is most definitely not a waste of time or a dumb, girlish interest. And never forget that you are beautiful!

Sincerely, Melissa Lynn

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