What I Wish I Knew

What I Wish I Knew: Make Up (Part 2)


“I like natural beauty.” “I hate when girls wear too much makeup.” “I like a woman who takes time on

her appearance.” “I’m into a girl with lipstick, but not lip liner.”

Congratulations, folks, on your understanding of what you’re looking for in another person! I hope you find someone who fits what you like but please do not think for one moment that you should tell me how my makeup should or should not be.

I have spent countless hours in the last 10 years attempting to crack the code of what kind of makeup will make me look the prettiest. Semi-natural? Over the top? Gothic? Accentuate my eyes? My lips? Dark blush or light blush? It wasn’t about looking how I wanted as much as being as attractive as possible. But attractive to who? Apparently not to myself! All this time I was never presenting myself in a way that I enjoyed. If you’re the type of person who sees a wavy haired, surfer girl with no makeup and wishes you

could pull that look off, then guess what, you can! Do it and own it. The reason you don’t think you can pull that off is because you’re staring at yourself in the mirror with disdain. Move away from the mirror, reserve the disdain for the jerks who tell you that you’d be prettier with a little more makeup. The girl you saw who pulled off that look was wearing it with confidence and once you have that in your makeup bag you’ll rock any look.

If you love playing with eye shadow then do not for a second think you can’t decorate the hell out of your face. If your lips are awesome on their own and don’t need lipstick then don’t put lipstick on them. Even if a cutie tells you to.

The secret that no one, and I mean NO ONE (besides me and your mother) wants you to know is that you’re already beautiful. 

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