Music Mix: Happy New Year

Happy New Year, girls! I am still recuperating from all the dancing I did on the 31st. Sure, being a dee jay is fun all the time, but when I actually get to play and have all my friends be there with me it is the ultimate good time. This 2014 New Year’s Eve I had the honor to be invited to play the KCRW party, my favorite radio station for eclectic music. In fact, if it wasn’t for KCRW’s Garth Trinidad I wouldn’t even have moved to Los Angeles and met my Girl Trip friends.

The line up was incredible! Two rooms. In one room, it was Mario Cotta and myself and on the other, Jason Bentley and Travis Holcome. Everyone dressed in “Black and White Attire”. My friends were very happy because they had two tables behind the dee jay booth , so they could see all the action from a “dee jay-s eye view”. There’s never a dull moment when my friends get together.

I finished my set and we went to explore the venue and dance at the other stage where Jason Bentley was playing. And just as I thought everyone who was supposed to be there, was there, I looked to my side and saw my friend Stan, who was suppose to be driving back from a ski trip! Since the party was sold out and I gave all my tickets away, I was extremely confused. With the music being really loud, I shouted at him, “Stan! Did you know we were going to be here? It’s a sold out party! How did you get in?” he replied, “Yeah, I saw it on facebook that you guys were here, so I came, jumped the bush, and snuck in! Happy New Year!”, I said, “Happy New Year, Stan!

Holidays – Miami Horror
Fall in Love – Phantogram
Still on Fire – Trentmøller
Moving like a train – Herbert
paper aeroplane – francesco rossi
California Soul – Marlena Shaw
I want to break free – Queen
right action – franz ferdinand
It’s great to be here – Jackson 5
This Summer – Rufus

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