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My time in New York.

My time in New York was wonderful, one of my most memorable trips! I went to New York City with two goals in mind: 1) Do yoga every single day and get to know the NYC Yoga scene, and 2) have a joyful, successful and fun-filled Showcase with my company. My first day was spent exploring the city; I started with a rigorous and sweaty Hot Yoga class, in a room heated to 105 degrees, which beautifully contrasted the snow falling outside in gentle, puffy flakes. I walked downtown, enjoying the swirling snow reflected in the gleaming windows displaying the wares of the city. Day Two I had a rehearsal with my acting company. In a lovely green energy-powered theater on 52nd St, we finalized our performance for the next evening, and had a great time singing and laughing together, joyfully anticipating our company Showcase the next day. With high spirits after our rehearsal, I went to another yoga class at a studio nearby, and had a delicious Indian dinner afterwards. I awoke very, VERY early the next morning, and walked 25 blocks to a yoga studio for an early morning practice. This is the city that never sleeps, yet the streets were empty, wrapped in a peaceful hush. I went to two yoga classes, one at 6am and another at 7:30, and by 9 I was at the theater with my company for our final rehearsal before the big show. We had two performances, AND BOTH WERE PHENOMENAL! After months of preparation, we had crafted a show in which everyone shone as who they truly are, and now we were finally performing for an audience. There were many people from the theatre/film industry in the audience, and several of them spoke to us afterwards. We were very well received in both performances! That evening we all went out to celebrate, and sang Karaoke well into the early morning hours. The following day we celebrated further with a lovely brunch, and then I saw a wonderful musical on Broadway: The Book of Mormon! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! The next morning saw my last few hours in New York – and guess how I spent it? Yes. Another yoga class! And immediately after I took the subway back downtown to the Theater District and caught a cab to the airport.

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