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There is no place on Earth quite like India.


Where to begin? I’m not even sure how to tell you about India. I can’t possibly tell you everything, it’s the kind of thing that you just have to experience, just swim in. Every single day seemed a lifetime of experience. From South to North, there is nothing but beautiful life. REAL LIFE. Of all the places I’ve been to (and there are many, many more to come) India is the most REAL. Everything you want to see in your life, you will see in one day there. And it makes no apologies, it’s factual, it’s casual, it’s tangible. I’ll do my best to share what I saw. Let’s start with a little visualization…


Imagine the most colorful place you’ve ever seen. Everywhere you look, you’re surrounded by swirls of vivid color. No two pieces of fabric are the same. The houses are decorated in shocking combinations of bubblegum pink and violet, or aqua with magenta trip, or buttercup with brick red. The fields are the vivid green of fresh young rice sprouts, with mustard plots of the most eye-startling yellow you’ve ever seen. The trees are hung with a rainbow of birds and fruits, and their leaves stretch into the highest blue sky, so velvety you could lie in it.


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