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Going to New York City!

This morning I arrived at school just early enough to do a quick yoga practice in my favorite grove of trees. The sunlight was filtering down onto the leaves beneath my feet, and there was a faint, cool breeze that tempered the early morning heat. Lately things have been so crazy – I’ve been busy with work, getting ready to graduate, and I’ve been preparing for my next adventure! I am going to New York City with my Graduating Acting Company to perform our Showcase on Broadway! Every year acting conservatories have a showcase in which their graduating company performs short scenes so that casting agencies can see them. We are so excited, but preparations have kept me so busy that it’s been difficult to find the time to relax. But this morning, with the sunlight shimmering down on me, I was finally able to take the time, to take the chance to chill out, reflect, and say to myself, “Hi you! It’s been a while, how are you?” I sat comfortably on the leaves, my legs folded under me, and for a full 10 minutes I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. taking full, long inhales and exhales. It’s so nice to be able to take your time; I used to get a lot of anxious feelings before I traveled anywhere or before I gave a performance, because I worried about being in the right place at the right time. But now I’ve been learning how to relax, and the key to staying calm is to breathe fully and deeply, so now I have much less anxiety. It’s very important for me to stay relaxed, especially before I travel to New York; this will be the biggest performance I’ll have ever done (so far!), so it’s critical that I stay focused and calm. I will be doing a scene from a play called Seduction Duet, my character is Cynthia. We are performing at the Five Angels Theatre at the 52nd St Project on 10th avenue in Manhattan. I can feel that excited tingly feeling again – I’m traveling again! New York City! This is going to be so much fun – the performance of a lifetime. Stay tuned!

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