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Ada Lovelace & Leah Buechley

Ada Lovelace & Leah Buechley

Old School: Ada Lovelace is sometimes called “The Enchantress of Numbers.” The tech industry has a pretty weighted gender ration right now, and so it surprises some people to discover that the first ever computer programmer was in fact a lady! Ada Lovelace worked with Charles Babbage and developed some of the algorithms we still use today, and making great conceptual leaps that allowed us to understand the nature of computers above and beyond number crunching.

New School: Leah Buechley is the head of MIT Media Lab’s High-Low Tech research group, not just because she is one smart cookie, but also in part because she has totally changed the world of wearable electronics. Leah Buechley is the creator of the LilyPad and associated components — a piece of electronic hardware that allows us to make amazing blinking, beeping, and moving clothing, like this amazing LED dress that monitors carbon dioxide levels via beautiful lights.

Technology speaks to Ada and Leah. How does technology speak to you? Do you have amazing inventions that will change the world? Tell us!

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