hashtag: #WomenWhoInspire #GirlTripContest1

hashtag: #WomenWhoInspire #GirlTripContest1

Submit Now! Uncommon Women Instagram Contest!!

Who is the woman who influences you the most RIGHT NOW? Someone who inspires you. Teaches you to be strong. Think differently, outside the box. Think big! This must be a woman personal to you, in your real life – not someone in the public eye! Your Aunt, your teacher, your yoga instructor, the barrista who makes your caramel macchiato but always offers a word of wisdom! You get the idea! This person can be alive or from the past, but you must have actually known her in your real life!

Send us an instagram of a photo representing her. Maybe a picture of a vintage perfume bottle of her fragrance. Maybe a photograph of the exact color lime green shag carpeting she had in her house! Maybe a flower that reminds you of her. Or a real picture of her, but taken in a cool, heartfelt and expressive way. Your point of view of her. Be creative. Be abstract. Be emotional. Be art-ful. Interpret her!

The winner of this contest will receive swag from Girl Trip, and your photograph will be featured on our site along with a feature story about your uncommon, inspiring woman!


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