New School/Old School: Photography


Old School: Diane Arbus is one of the most well known American photographers, especially since she focused on photographing marginalized or downtrodden people. Her work was revolutionary, surreal, a little off-putting, but deeply beautiful, and her subjects will haunt you (in a good way!). Her works sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars now — and why not? Especially considering that Diane was the first American photographer to have her works displayed at the Venice Biennale.

New School: Amanda Jasnowski is only twenty years old and already producing some amazing work! Originally from Spain, she’s now living in Brooklyn, NY and following her passions. Amanda was kind enough to give GirlTrip and interview, which will be posted alongside this on our News section. Keep your eyes peeled!

These fine women have a passion for capturing life in creative ways. What would you capture? What do you wish you had? Girl Trip wants to know!


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