New School/Old School: Fashion

Coco Chanel & Tavi Gevinson

Coco Chanel & Tavi Gevinson

Old School: Coco Chanel was the only fashion designer to make Time’s 100 most influential people of the 20th century, and for good reason. Aside from being a total brainiac and a force to be reckoned with, Cocoa Chanel founded the Chanel brand and house of fashion, totally changing fashion and fragrance even today — especially when you consider everything her designs did to move fashion forward into the sportive and casual chic we know so well today.

New School: Tavi Gevinson is known first and foremost as the girl at the head of Rookie Magazine, but more than that she is a writer, a feminist, a fashionista, a singer, an actress, and a voice for a generation. Launching her first site, Fashion Rookie, when she was only twelve years old, her shift in focus at the age of fifteen to Rookie Magazine has brought her even more into the spotlight.

Fashion is a great way to empower yourself, especially creatively. How do you express your fashion, and let your fashion express you? Let us know!

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