What You Wish For

Oftentimes I think about what it means to be the best– especially in cheer and other areas where it totally matters. I mean, I spend, like, many hours doing activities and I have a competitive spirit. Being a competitor is an important part of life. It’s called having a lot of heart. For example, when your diamond formations are perfect and you go for it – or, in gymnastics when you go for back to back tumbling – this is an athlete who has a lot of heart. I spend many hours practicing for these moments. Then in home room I was talking to Searching Girl. She said she never thinks about the result. This was a strange concept to me that I didn’t really understand. Why do anything then? If the result could just be half-half. She said it was just for the joy of it. Later, I practiced dance moves in the yard. The sun was going down, and I practiced them over and over. The sprinklers turned on, and the sun refracted little prisms in the droplets, all around my ankles. I noticed the joy in this moment of my experience.


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