In this summer, there is a lot of talk about disagreements. With the coming election for U.S. President, with the economy in Europe, with my own class, even. At camp I heard one girl who thinks she’s all that tell my friend her dog was cuter than his. This was not very nice. My parents are divorced, and this was a very hard and sad time for me. So far, I have thought of at least two ways for peace. One way is to try to get along by trying to understand where the other person is coming from. This is hard to do when you’re mad. It’s not feeling sorry for the other person, exactly, but trying to feel their feelings. This is called empathy. Like, still being a good friend even when your heart is crushed or you feel a crushed feeling. This is a form of love. The second way is to cross the street. This does not mean literally cross the street, but more like mind your own business, and just not engage. In fighting or trying to convince someone, you know, to see it your way. I do not know other forms of peace, but I know these two. Peace is hard, but fighting is harder. Because people have their own ideas about things. We should not try to keep our feelings in. Even though I am shy, I still observe emotions and try to fight for peace. Ha!


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