Saving Money is Hard

Our economy has been in a downward spiral for a few years. This is called a recession crash. My parents lost a lot of money, and many other people did, too. This gives me a scared feeling I can relate to. Like, my parents cut my allowance and my brother’s, too. But I still get some. But not as much. Is it a scary time? I’m not sure. I am making more things for myself, like beading my own jewelry. This is my creativity coming out because I can’t go to the mall that much. When I do, I consider what I really want. Oftentimes, it is for a company that helps people. Of course we can’t just print more money even though it is only paper and not that expensive to make. Because that would devalue it. We have to save what we have. But this is really hard. Once I heard someone say money is energy. I liked this sentiment.

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