True Friends

True friends are those who help you out with what you’re not good at. For example, I want Popular Girl to be my friend. When I feel shy and I don’t say anything even though I like people and feel a warm feeling like a butterfly on a supple day, Popular Girl would introduce me and make everyone feel warm and at ease like light on water, sparkling, like how the Pacific is described. I would help Popular Girl, like when she feels like she has to do more and more. Like when there is always a new bar to reach and she has to keep trying and trying. In these moments I would imagine she must feel tired and maybe cold, or like, alone. I would say, “Popular Girl, you’re okay. You’re okay. It’s enough just to look people in the eye and smile and talk to them. You make everyone feel on a glow”. This is a great moment, like she sees you. And you shine and feel pretty or to some people feel cherished.


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