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    Right now in Los Angeles we are in the middle of a draught. It’s very hot already- even at 7 a.m. The coyotes are all coming down from the hills, looking…


    Bees Get Hot

    I live in an old Spanish house that is small, but the garden is very big. Lots of people love it, and there are three tiers with gravel and wood and…


    Liberty Action

    What is your liberty action? I’m starting a group at my school in the fall about girls who take liberty actions! Liberty means freedom. On the fourth of July we celebrate…


    A Day Done Right

    Today my car got towed. At first I felt really bad and mad at myself. It was a lot of money I wasn’t planning on, and it was just so stupid.…


    Palm Trees in the Afternoon Light

    In California we have palm trees- I don’t think they come from here, but they are so beautiful and majestic. Their leaves are blowing in the sun against the sky, and…



    This is when me and my mommy are at Intelligentsia Coffee near our house and are drinking lattes in the sun under a heat lamp on even though it’s warm and…