A Day Done Right

Today my car got towed. At first I felt really bad and mad at myself. It was a lot of money I wasn’t planning on, and it was just so stupid. But then I reminded myself I’m good, and I have a lot going on right now. I have a lot of dress designs in my head. A lot of projects. So I got a bit distracted. Then this one guy, Marc, made it easy for me to see. He’s my friend. All he said was, “It’s okay.” Like, forgiving and understanding. So- he is my true friend. Sometimes in L.A. things happen with your car. Your car is a little bit like your responsibility. Like you have to take care of it. Or you will be called out and take a hit like getting towed. Don’t be a scatter brain, be focused! Today, now, it is sunny. The dog is playing with her ball and my friends are talking by the pool. About things that matter. About life. About love. I’m here designing my dresses, $300 dollars poorer from getting towed, but richer because of the sun, and the peace, and the vibe, and the voices of my friends. That it can all wash over me, and I dream. And design. With the laughter and the sun. And the “It’s okay” that Marc gave me- in the Solstace and traffic.

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