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    Giraffe Manor

    In my dream I was at Giraffe Manor. This is a special hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, and all around there is the buzz of snakes and flocks of birds flying overhead…


    Spider Webs

    Oftentimes I wonder: Which job should I apply for? One that represents me? Or one that makes me money? Can a person have both? And if so, how do you find…



    It’s all there is. Create ladies! Create love. Create friendships. Create projects. Create a new way of looking at things. Create your dreams! Even when it’s hard and it can be.…


    What Art Is

    I believe art gives people a transformation. When someone looks at art, they think about something from a different angle, and I mean a deeper place. For example, sometimes art is…


    Sparkly life dance

    There are all sorts of ways to show you are grateful for all that you have and all that you are.  Do a little Pink Panther dance and get ready to…


    Creativity check check

    Listen, ladies, everyone is creative.  That’s right, everyone.  What are you here to express? What are you here to shine your light and smile and genius on?  Math?  Snowboarding? Music, painting,…