Sparkly life dance

There are all sorts of ways to show you are grateful for all that you have and all that you are.  Do a little Pink Panther dance and get ready to take stock.  Follow these 5 easy steps, and sashay down this swervy, fun road—  paws, claws, purrfect!

1.  Write down one interesting thing in your life and then one thing you are interested in.
2.  Write down one food you ate this week that was delicious!
3.  Write down the name of someone who helped you this week.
4.  Write down something beautiful you saw this week— a sunset, a pretty color, a person you love, etc.
5.  Draw a picture, write a song or poem, or make up a dance about numbers 1 – 4.

Hang your creation on the wall or perform it for your friends or parents. Et voila!  Praise for your life!

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