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Hwa Kyung Kim: Interlocking Worlds



Hwa Kyung Kim, born and bred in Seoul, South Korea, is a New York based visual artist who works in photography and mixed media. Her work has been exhibited at various art spaces in New York and Europe. She received her BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts.

”Interlocking Worlds”: Interlocking Worlds is the exhibition in terms of how worlds can be perceived and interpreted, and how the worlds and works of art itself interlock each other. Starting with Of Earphones (2009), I present worlds that I sense and decode them in new perspectives. In Born With (2010), I proceed to infinite worlds that You (2013) shows. Images show how multiple and often conflicting levels of inner and outer self and world are recomposed. And their implications are interconnected underneath the flow of subconsciousness.


An Interview with Hwa Kyung Kim:

What are you interested in investigating through your work?

Looking and reinterpreting objects or worlds in new perspectives is a crucial process in my art making. I’m interested in exploring various ways of deconstructing and rebuilding objects. From these processes, the object have the freedom to be reborn or reinterpreted.

In Born With, I destroy certain forms of fruits by squeezing, and I re-create the essence and seeds of the fruits on a plane in order to look at the objects in different ways. Are the fruits still be the same objects even though their original forms are manipulated and changed? If not, what defines or explains what we see?


In YOU, I wanted to experiment and convey various percepts and possibilities about ourselves and relationships with the world. Here, water droplets reflect us as multiplicities.Namely, if we visualize that a cohesive force of water is merged to diverse reflections on water drops, it implies that various appearances can converge into one representative figure shown blurred behind. And another way of interpretation can be made; we are basically divergent beings from one.

What would you consider to be your aesthetic, and how does it show itself in your work?

My aesthetic is shown through the composition of layers. I would like to call visual elements–such as colors, objects and spaces–as layers. When the layers are mixed together, they create their own patterns and rhythms.

Describe your relationship with your work.

My work is an independent being that reflects me and worlds. It wakes my subconscious and helps the inner-self communicate with the outer-world.


How would you describe your voice as an artist?

Eccentric, abstract, and intuitive.

What do you seek to express, capture, or reveal in your work?

In each work of art, I step into unknown worlds. I’m fearful yet excited because there’s no knowing what to expect in this journey. And my percepts and affects from the unfamiliar scenery are embodied in work. The exploration of unknown worlds always reveals to me undiscovered possibilities which continue to challenge me to push limitations in my art.

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