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Yuri Hasegawa: Impermanence

Originally, I wanted to choose the theme of “Wabi-Sabi,” which is a totally Japanese thing — one of aesthetic. It’s hard to describe/translate in English, because it has a very specific and subtle thing/feeling in it… I thought, “ These selects from my Drift images come from my Japanese roots — Wabi-Sabi.”

However, I felt that “Wabi-Sabi,” to a 15 year old American girl, would be too difficult to set as a theme. So I started looking for some words in English to get at this feeling. Then I found “Impermanence.”

The reason I’m looking for the correct word is because it’s the thing I care about: moment, energy in that moment, feel, light, color… These elements are constantly changing = nothing is forever …

In the nuance/meaning of “Wabi- Sabi”, it has this feel to it. It’s kind of nostalgic yet also some clear understanding at the same time that is “not forever.” And there’s beauty in it, and I so appreciate and enjoy it.. that type of mentality…

And sometimes, it’s easy to miss such beauty in that moment, or miss the amazingly perfect moment itself, that results from random “coincidences” getting together and happening…


Originally from Tokyo, Japan, I’m a freelance photographer who now calls Los Angeles my home. I enjoy cruising in my sidecar scooter with my large & lovely dogs, Buddy & Gizmo when I go on errands. Love to eat except Shrimp and Crab. Love to swim. Love to go for a walk with my dogs. Love Documentary Movies.
IG: candidho


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