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Jana Schlosserová: Conceptual Carving

Jana Schlosserová is a czech sculptor. She graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of techology with MFA in Figurtive sculpture. After her study stay in Carrara, Italy, she began to work with marble. In her work she deals with Conceptual carving (new art form she founded) and metamorphosis of materials as well as with classic figure in connection with photography. She is co-founder and curator of Jiří Putna Gallery,non-profit gallery of contemporary art in Brno. Currently, she lives and works in Dačice, Czech republic.

”Conceptual Carving”: Conceptual Carving is a new art approach and school of thought. Material and inspiration is solely wood, namely ways and forms of its growth, elaboration and defects. I founded it in 2013. This year I wrote down the Manifesto of Conceptual carving in which I oblige myself to create wood-based works only in the way of conceptual carving. 

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An Interview with Jana Schlosserová

Are there any artists that inspire you in particular?

There are a few artists whose work I admire (e.g. Katharina Fritsch) but I don’t regard their work as a source of inspiration for my work. I try to find inspiration in myself, in materials I worked with, in my close surroundings, etc. However, other artists inspired me to create bigger or more difficult things and not to give up trying to connect personal and professional part of my life.

What are you interested in investigating through your work?

Wood in general, changing contexts by using different materials, relation between sculpture and photography, moment of surprise.

You live in Dačice. Does the city inspire your work?

Yes a lot, but I never expected it! Dačice is a small town in southern BohemiaThere is no vibrant cultural life or a big art community. It might sound strange, but living in this city (in contrast with living in Brno) taught me to be more individual and not to be scared of it. Moreover, local landscape is one of the most beautiful in Czech republic, so I’m closer to the nature that really influenced my work. It’s great just to leave the house, go to the forest, find some wood and be back home and start to work in less than 60 minutes!


What does it feel like when you are working?

My feelings change during the whole working process and they are dependent on its phase. Prime enthusiasm often changes with episodic depression, happiness and uncertainty. From time to time I get physically tired too.For me, work is a kind of relax and drug as well.

Describe your relationship with your work.

The most important thing for me is the process. The final product is not crucial. When I finish one project I start immediately to think about next one.I’m not a kind of an artist who needs to have her own art around herself everywhere.I need to create, not to collect.



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