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Connie Wong: A Good Place

Connie Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to United States when she was 17. In her work, Connie search for the innate qualities of humanity and how they are shaped within different cultures. Under these conditions, she focuses on language, misunderstandings, jokes, social commentary, gender, sexuality, and behaviors that are considered rude, absurd, or taboo

Whether in two dimensions or three dimensions, Connie works to establish narrative scenarios with the intent to subvert fantasy and fiction in a visual dialogue. The scenarios are often based on one or more subjects entwined within her own experience, understanding and questions.

Connie is a recent MFA graduated from Cornell University and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


”A Good Place”: You heard that you have to be good in order to go to a good place after you die. So you try really hard to be good and you start to say hello to your neighbors with a smile. Then you wake up one day and realize that you’re already in a good place.

-Connie Wong, 2015


An Interview with Connie Wong

What inspired you to become an artist?

The weirdness that we have to deal with as human.

What is your advice to younger artists?

I can not give advice, but I can speak from my own experience is that learning to listen to your gut feelings and working really hard for it will take you to a happy place. So ride with it 🙂


You live in Los Angeles. Does the city inspire your work and how so?

Los Angeles definitely inspires me in terms of aesthetic and subject matters. I am particular interested in the “low” verse the “high” cultures and how they interact with each other. But at the same time, I spend a lot of time in Hong Kong, Berlin, New York and Alaska as well, which each city inspires me equally.

You frequently illustrate private moments in your work. What draws you to these moments?

I spend a lot of time wondering around when I’m not actually making the works, then I’d keep notes of all these moments mentally and pick out the ones that I’m most curious with.

Can you describe your relationship with your work?

My work is like a twin to me that I sometime feel I know her really well but sometime I don’t. But is also the one that I really enjoy playing with.



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