Travel Bug

The water and the beach.

There are so many things to do at the beach; I love the water, and I can spend hours snorkeling in the shallows, paddling around with the fishes, weaving over rocks. My brothers love to build sand castles and then laugh raucously as the waves smash them to smithereens, the water reclaiming the grains of sand. There are sand dunes all around the cabin, and after slathering ourselves in sunscreen we will find sticks and trek across the pale sands, pretending to be desert marauders, or raiders lost amid the dunes. We will have contests when we come across a particularly large dune, to see who can make the longest jump down the side. In the evening the adults like to come out of the cool house and join us as twilight covers the beach, digging for clams as the stars come out.

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