New School/Old School: Science

Jane Goodall & Fabiola Gianotti

Jane Goodall & Fabiola Gianotti

Old School: Jane Goodall is known for her being the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, and for being one of the world’s greatest primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and also UN Messenger of Peace — not to mention a Baroness for some time. She has proved time and time again that perseverance in the name of science leads to great things and amazing knowledge, all while hanging out and playing with chimpanzees.

New School: Fabiola Gianotti is an Italian particle physicist. She heads up the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider — a giant machine that’s trying to discover all the fundamental particles of the world. Fabiola has always been well known as a brilliant woman of science, but recently became even more famous when she got to announce that her team had found the Higgs Boson of “God Particle,” which was an incredibly huge step forward in physics!

What great science questions do you have? Do you think you’ll make amazing discoveries like Jane & Fabiola? Tell us!

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