New School/Old School: Music

Patti Smith & Kelsi Taylo

Patti Smith & Kelsi Taylor

Old School: Patti Smith is a highly iconic part of the New York punk scene after putting out her debut album Horses in 1975. Her poetry and writing have inspired generations and she continues to speak and write on behalf of her beliefs, and of course, like a true artist, she hasn’t given up on her passion and has recently released her newest album “Banga.”

New School: Kelsi Taylor, who just recently turned 14, was raised in a small mining town in North Eastern Nevada and discovered her love of singing at age 8. After singing at local rodeos, contests and festivals for several years she began working with a vocal coach in LA and eventually moved to Studio City to work on acting and finding more singing opportunities. Kelsi has performed in many music shows in Hollywood as well as two independent pilots, an independent feature film, Internet projects and several student films.

Do you write music? What’s your instrument and your passion? Girl Trip wants to know!

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