A flower floating in the water is called a puja. This means prayer. Last year I got to go to India for two weeks. I saw the most beautiful fabrics and textiles for my dresses. I saw the most beautiful architecture and rugs. There is a city called Jaisalmer and there, everything is gold- even the buildings. Even the sky. The desert is right there, and the rugs have mirror-glass beads, like round glass eyes. In Jaisalmer I rode a camel and got knocked over by a cow. Near the fountain I saw a man who said he was a holy man. He said a puja for me, but I did not know the meaning. I hoped it was for my dress designs, and my joy, and my heart. He put a pink flower in the water. He shook my hand. Later, I lit a candle and it reflected and refracted in the mirror-glass. Outside it was gold, and golden, and it smelled like wood and smoke, and desert, and I remembered my pink flower, and the fountain and the flower and the holy man felt like a dream.


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