What I learned in Moab

Moab is coooooool. We went there for the summer camp field trip this year. Not all the girls from my class were there- just me and Popular Girl and Wallflower, and some other kids from other grades you know- it was for everyone but some people were away on other trips or couldn’t go… Beachwood Charter Summer Camp is what it’s called- we go on a trip every summer. On a bus. Ticker was my councilor this year. That’s not her real name but we gave it to her cause she got a tick. You have to burn them off with a match. Gross. Ticker’s a really good athlete- she plays field hockey and tennis at college, and on the trip we were the only two who could do the hikes all the way.

Driving into Moab is very hot and there’s yellow rubble. It’s Uranium digs and sites. It’s very bad for you but we kept the windows down anyway. Moab is in Utah. Then the rubble changes to bright red and you are in the desert in Moab and the rocks are HUGE. I mean huge. And so overpowering. Some of them balance on each other- like it’s so beautiful and crazy I didn’t know what to do, and some make arches you can hike through like archways inside of boulders and the sun and sky comes through them.

In Moab it is very, very hot and bright and the sun is flat and burns you. You cannot go fast- never. There are people called Jeepers. That’s someone who drives slow over rocks in a jeep. That’s their sport. There is a place called Delicate Arch and Devil’s Garden, and the rocks andthe rubble and everything is red, and me and Ticker hiked there, and I was dizzy among the giant rocks, and I saw what erosion could do, and it occurred to me erosion is dynamic and beautiful even though it is very, very slow.

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