Speed and Me

Basically I like going fast- really fast. I can run and also skate very fast. Sometimes when I’m running in soccer I feel myself pushing past the other girls and I feel my legs hitting the ground and I know I was born to do this. There’s a feeling I get like I’m not even there and something is lifting me up and carrying me, like I was built for this- a certain kind of racehorse. Then when I get put back down, delivered back to the hallways at school or places where people just talk, you know, like friends— I don’t talk very fast. I never know what to say. But I have a lot of ideas about things. But they stay inside my chest and sometimes like at the skate park I can say something but I’d rather just smile or high five- just skate. Like my friend Randi at the skate park- she doesn’t go to my school but she can tell what I’m saying. Just, like, even across the half pipe not saying anything. Just smiling and then concentrating on what I’m doing. And then just being picked up- my body and the board- and then just the wind.

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