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Christina Nørdam Andersen

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Christina Nørdam Andersen lives in Copenhagen and has been for the past 13 years. Prior to that she spent most of her youth in London and if home is where the heart is, London is still her home. Her approach to photography is very personal. Many of her images depict feelings of melancholy and solitude. Photography has been of great importance for her and came into her life at a time when she needed it the most. A few years ago some big changes took place in her life and a newly found passion for photography offered a welcome opportunity for distraction and self-expression.

Taking and making photos has awoken a curiosity in Christina and has opened her eyes for the beauty that surrounds us however subtle it may be. She enjoy finding scenes which has a life of their own whether it may be a lonely bike against a wall or the way a shadow quietly reminds her of all the things that are so easily unseen.

Photography asks us to relate things such as people, places and objects to each other. In that sense she uses photography as a kind of therapy. The entire photographic process is now an invaluable part of her everyday life and she would not be without it.

It has been said that she is not really a street photographer, not really a photographer of people, as such, but of moods. Her imagery is subtle and emotive and she has a strong affinity with the black and white medium.


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