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Artist Building Wealth Contributor: If you are not a teenage girl, but, say, a great guitar player who is couch surfing, you can still do the ladies a solid! Give one dollar here, and receive a shoutout on the Girl Trip website. It’s less than a pack of guitar pics, and you lose those all the time. Plus, we will think you’re cooool.


(still from Julie of guitar player plus kent parker’s hang loose drawing)



Intelli Contributor: Can you be spotted in vintage? Do you have a penchant for underground music projects, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and ombre’d hair? If so, this is the contribution for you! For the price of one cup of coffee at Intelligentsia in Los Angeles, you’re good to go! Create a web series that empowers girls globally, and win an awesome set of stickers and buttons to put on your gear. *US residents only!


(pic of hipster at intelli plus kent’s drawing of coffee with waves)




Girl on a Mission Contributor: College and High School girls, this is the totally awesomest bad-ass contribution for you! AndYou can afford it. Check this out: and play this while you read!


Listen: for this contribution you are getting a career planning session and story lab with Girl Trip and Beachwood Charter creator Harrison James. Do you want to do something in this world? Leave an indentation? Tune in and find out how. Rock it, ladies: Listen to Harrison’s story, and find out how to stay on mission!


View a 30 minute video link in advance, then Skype in for a live 30 minute question and answer with Harrison.


Ask questions about confidence, crafting your career, career advancement, success, your purpose and calling, and how to manifest the life of your dreams while still being authentic and true to who you are!


Each session is limited to 20 girls, so everyone will have a chance to chime in, congregate, and ask questions. We’ll provide as many sessions as girls there are interested!




Swag-er Contributor: We only use the softest cotton from sweatshop-free manufacturers for our feminine tees. For this donation tier, receive a Girl Trip tee shirt with a museum-quality print of a rainbow or lolli. Give it to a sweet girl you know, and tell her she’s part of a community of like-minded young women who believe you can be soft and strong together!


(pic of girl in tee here, plus girltripgirltripgirltrip by kent





Garden Party Contributor: Receive bright mustard flowers from our very own springtime in Griffith Park, and a thank you letter containing a killer poem. Plus, if you’ve ever been to dins at Harri’s, you probably had a lot of fun! So, we will also send you an ezine on how to throw a Beachwood Canyon-style “90’s vintage vibe” Garden Party, including recipes from Harri, and wine pairings from her sis Maggie who is a wine maker!


(pic here of harri in 90’s plus kent’s drawing of a flower)




Angel Contributor: Become an angel, and win a special thanks credit at the end of each episode, plus 5 exclusive music mixes from our very own Deejay Brazilia! Support girls all over in concretizing their creativity into form, and dance the night away to these mixes only angels will have! This awesome participation tier is about expression!


(pic of kent’s records from main page plus starfish kent)


“Totes” Contributor: Help us build a web series that changes how girls are seen in the media, and carry a fab Girl Trip tote while doing it! Give one to a friend, and head to the beach or to class!


(kent’s beach wood charter with hand, and oh girl,girl,girl or hi you hi yo)




4 Minutes to Save the World: Are you a wallflower? A star athlete? If you’re like us, it probably changes all the time, like a mood ring… Choose your favorite Girl Trip character, and Harri will write a beautiful blog post about you from that character’s perspective. We will feature it on our site, and you will be a star. You will also win a sticker and button to give to your fans, who will think you are glamorous!

(drawing of kent’s diamond ring in drop box, kent’s new art 2013 art folder “ring” plus star).



Lillian Contributor

For this donation tier, receive a VOUCHER for a signed magnum of 2010 Lillian Syrah. Bring this beautiful bottle to a fancy dinner party, or open it for a special occasion — maybe to celebrate the birthday of an amazing lady! Harri will physically deliver your magnum bottle, and thank you personally. Limited to six contributors in Los Angeles or Portland only.



Rose Contributor

For this generous contribution, receive a VOUCHER for a three-pack of 2012 Antica Terra Angelicall rosé made by Maggie Harrison. Harri will physically deliver your rose, and thank you personally. Limited to three contributors in Los Angeles or Portland only. This rosé employs the techniques used to make the macerated whites of Northern Italy with the thin-skinned Pinot Noir. In the conventional sense, this is not rosé; but neither is it red or white. While white wine is made by immediately pressing the juice from the grapes and red wine by allowing the juice to ferment on the skins for upwards of two weeks, the pinot noir for the rosé is fermented on the skins for approximately one week, as if it were destined to be red wine. There is a moment, somewhere between the forth and eighth day, that the aromatics of the fermentation reach a peak of expression and fill the room with astonishing perfume. At this point, the juice is drawn from the fermenters and the barrels are filled. The resulting liquid has an intensity that defies its color and climate. It is changing what people think of when they imagine rosé.




Associate Producer Contributor: Let’s cross-promote! Become an Associate Producer, and let the world know about you at the same time! We will interview you and feature you on our site, with beautiful images for the layout. We are happy to include links to your work, or other endeavors you support. It’s a great way to empower young women globally, while bringing awareness to your own projects, as well!


( “you plus me”) plus spotlight on




Drawing in the Good Contributor: Receive an original drawing of Beachwood Charter concept art by L.A. illustrator and designer Kenton Parker. Kent’s works are inspired by an honest response to humanity, perversion, attitude, and the intellect commonly associated with rebellion. During Art Basel Miami, Primary Projects, an ambitious platform for contemporary artists, presented Parker’s Contender. Contender is a solo show dedicated to self-portraiture through sculpture, painting, installation and photography.


(photo of kent here by Yuri in her layout page)






Tasteful Contributor:

For this donation, receive a VOUCHER for a private afternoon wine tasting for eight people with Maggie Harrison, at her winery in Portland, Oregon! Grab some friends and drive in, fly in, or hike in through the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and help create an awesome platform for young women at the same time! Limited to one awesome contributor!




Maggie May Contributor:

For this donation tier, receive a VOUCHER for a six-pack of wines made by Maggie Harrison of Antica Terra & Lillian! Harri will physically deliver your bottles, and thank you personally. Includes one bottle each: 2013 Aurata Chardonnay, 2012 Angelicall Rosé, 2012 Ceras Pinot Noir, 2012 Botanica Pinot Noir, 2010 Lillian Syrah, 2011 Lillian Syrah. Limited to three contributors in Los Angeles or Portland only.



Co-Producer Contributor: Join our Beachwood Charter team on this level, and become a Co-Producer! You will get to select an actress to play a supporting role on the series, and you will get a cameo! Create a series that empowers young women, and get an IMDB credit at the same time! *Our sweet show is filmed in Los Angeles, so if you are not local, you get here and we will pick you up with bells on!


(pic of kent’s spotlights plus hollywood)




Executive Producer Contributor: Join our Beachwood Charter team at this level and get an Exec Producer credit! Grab coffee with the creators if you are local, or over Skype if you are not, and discuss characters, future story lines, or whatever you wish! We can’t wait to meet you!


(pic of harri with her big boards in garden, pic of flux words on notecards)plus coffee with waves



Producer Contributor: Become a full-fledged Producer on our series, and we will fly you to Los Angeles and put you up in a hotel for a weekend to meet the creators and come to set! Plus receive a tee shirt, sticker and button to promote your new show!


(pic of kent’s trophy installation)




Party Girl Contributor:

For this awesome donation, we will deliver our own DJ Brazilia to scratch at your private party! Brazilia uplifts with an international selection of Organic Sounds, Nu Bold Back-beats, and was voted one of the 5 best DJ’s. Performing at electric clubs, she opens for artists such as Tita Lima and Cypress Hill. She provides soundtracks for the Viceroy, Perch, and you! Help us empower girls, and create a night to remember! *Party date is subject to Brazilias schedule, and is best for Los Angeles partiers. Outside LA there is a travel fee, US only. Get your dancing shoes on!

dj brazilia banner



Art Collector Contributor: For this generous contribution, you can make our dreams come true, plus receive a large oil on canvass painting by Kenton Parker from our original Girl Trip concept art paintings. Kent’s works are inspired by an honest response to humanity, perversion, attitude, and the intellect commonly associated with rebellion. During Art Basel Miami, Primary Projects, an ambitious platform for contemporary artists, presented Parker’s Contender. Contender is a solo show dedicated to self-portraiture through sculpture, painting, installation and photography.








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