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Lisa Solberg: Freedom from Self

Lisa Solberg is a Los Angeles–based American artist born in Chicago, Illinois. Solberg is recognized for her multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional art featuring paintings and installations. She has exhibited internationally with both solo and group shows. Solberg has been praised by art critics for her large-scale abstract expressionist works and conceptual installations. She produces large-scale paintings, installations and immersive experiences with the aim to evoke emotions. As part of her work, she utilizes readily available materials such as rocks, wood, used drop clothes, tarpaulin, and styrofoam.

An Interview with Lisa Solberg:

What inspires you to make work? Can you name any particular artists that you look up to? 

Pretty much inspired by anything in the wrong place and at the right time. Or the right place and wrong time. I look up to any artists who are true to themselves.

What are you investigating through your work? How would you describe your relationship with the work? 

I’m continually interested in self. Our relationship to ourselves and how that relates to the outside world. My work is about Freedom… liberation. It’s a continuous reminder to try to be in the moment. My work is very personal, there’s no distinction between my work and me.

What would you consider to be your aesthetic or style, and how does it show itself? 

Raw expression… through me!

You frequently illustrate private moments in your work. What draws you to reveal these moments? 

It’s the only way I know how to work.

What do you think makes your work different from other artists? 

I don’t really think about that. I just am who I am.

Are you working on anything right now that you feel is going in a new direction?

Yes, sculptures. I want to continue to press this envelope and see how they can interact with my paintings and drawings. I am very reliant on my two hands having a mind of their own… I’m trying to translate this into 3D objects.

What do you seek to express, capture, or reveal in your work? 


How do you find the art scene in Los Angeles? 

There’s a ton happening.

What advice would you give to someone starting their creative career? 

Be yourself.

Can you describe any habits/rituals etc. that you do before you start working? 

I spend most of my time preparing myself mentally and physically before I approach a work. Creating the space and setting the stage is everything.

Check out Lisa’s website and follow her on instagram to see more of her work.

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