Beautiful People

Introducing Beautiful People by Sarah Harris

My blog is not specifically about fashion, because even though I own my very own clothing company, I don’t really believe in fashion. I believe in expression of one’s self. In whatever way you wish to project that. I believe in being true to yourself. So I want to write about the beautiful people..

The beautiful people far and near. Beautiful people across the globe. Beautiful people in the backyard. People that recognize their beauty and share it with others. This is a study on what makes people feel beautiful and what makes their beauty shine.


I struggled for so long growing up recognizing my beauty and sharing it. I would like for us all to see the beaming light deep inside of us and see the beauty within ourselves. This is a space for the beautiful people to share their stories. What makes us feel whole. Whether it be creativity, healthy living, self expression, personal style, activity or anything. Whatever it may be, this is a space to share the beauty.

Beautiful people are in touch with their true selves. Beautiful people are a tribe. And I am unveiling the curtains to show that anybody can be a beautiful person!

I hope to inspire you, and please share your personal beauty stories, videos, or photos here:



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