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Feel Good Blog #3: In Rwanda, every newborn gorilla gets a party and a name.

Copyright Rwanda Development Board

Copyright Rwanda Development Board

Mountain gorillas are one of the top most endangered species on the planet — there are only about 800 left in the wild — so new baby mountain gorillas are especially celebrated. In Rwanda, they really go all out when one is born. The celebration, called Kwita Izina, has been a tradition since 2003. Incorporating a naming ceremony once held only for humans, tens of thousands of village members, heads of state, dignitaries, and celebrities come out to dance, sing, and of course name the baby gorillas. Since the beginning of the tradition, 161 baby gorillas have been named, bolstering the population by 23%. This year, 12 more are set to be name. Click here to see pictures of the as-yet unnamed gorillas.

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